lundi 20 avril 2015

Need Help in Configuring Report Scheduler JasperServer

I have JasperServer Community Edition 5.5.0a installed in my Linux server. It is working fine. So I now want to set up report scheduler to be able to have the report in the mail box daily, weekly or monthly. I followed the link here. So in file I have this:





So I need to restart the JasperServer. Please refer below my finding when I run command through terminal:

  • ./ stop and got warning postgresql could not be stopped
  • kill -9 postgresql so the postgresql is killed
  • ./ stop and got warning postgresql not running
  • ./ start and got warning postgresql could not be started

I am confused on several things. Does JasperServer requires Postgresql? I don't use Postgresql and till now I can still fetch my report through PHP code. But when I schedule built-in example of JasperServer report, still I don't receive the report in my mailbox. Can somebody help me on how to configure this?

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